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Our team of marketing experts offers comprehensive solutions to help authors promote their books effectively. We understand that marketing a book can be a daunting task, which is why we provide complete marketing solutions that showcase the qualities and benefits of your book. By working with us, authors can focus on their writing while leaving the marketing to our team. We utilize a variety of marketing strategies, including social media, email campaigns, book reviews, and advertising, to ensure that your book reaches your target audience and achieves the success it deserves. With our support, authors can climb to the top of their respective genres in no time.

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As an author, it's essential to view yourself as a business person, too. Your book's success is directly related to how effectively you market it, and how you connect with your audience. You should always be focused on growing your business and increasing your book's recognition. At our company, we understand the importance of effective marketing and provide a variety of outstanding solutions to help you achieve your goals. Our unmatched marketing services include:


Social Media Set-Up

We offer expert assistance in setting up your social media profiles and ensuring that you are easily accessible and in the spotlight for your readers. Our team will manage your various social media accounts on different platforms with great care and vigilance.


Creative and Appealing Bookmarks

Bookmarks are a great way to promote your book and increase awareness among readers. They hold a special place in the hearts of book lovers and can be an effective tool in your marketing arsenal.


Digital Postcards

By using digital postcards, you can take your book promotion to the next level with enhanced creativity and quality. Our team can help you create professionally customized postcards that leave a lasting impact on your audience.


Business Cards

A well-designed business card is crucial in establishing your identity as a successful author. It serves as an essential component of your business arsenal, allowing you to connect with potential readers and other professionals in the industry. By incorporating your name and contact information, a visually appealing business card can effectively bridge the communication gap and leave a lasting impression on your audience.


Small and Attractive Posters

Adding captivating and compelling posters to your book launching event can add more value to it. Posters can be really helpful in marketing your book, as they attract instant attention from the audience and convey your message effectively.


Video Trailers for Books

Video trailers for books are an effective way to grab the attention of marketers, authors, and readers. They add a captivating touch to your book marketing strategy, drawing in more viewers and increasing your readership. With a well-crafted video trailer, you can showcase the essence of your book and create a lasting impression on your audience.


Press Release

We are excited to announce the launch of your book in a professional and compelling manner, with the help of our skilled writers who will craft an authentic and seamless press release. This will ensure that your book receives the attention and recognition it deserves, helping to generate interest among potential readers and creating a buzz within the industry.

Achieve Global Reach Through Effective Promotional Strategies

Prior to publishing your book, it is crucial to create online awareness through effective promotional strategies. Social media and other digital platforms play a significant role in boosting your book's online presence, resulting in increased sales. At our publishing company, we handle promotional work in a hassle-free manner, delivering lasting results. Our team of expert publishers is equipped with the latest software and tools to ensure exceptional work quality. With years of experience, they have garnered support from clients worldwide and strive to assist you in achieving top ranking for your book. We also provide post-publishing promotion to help your book gain recognition and maximize sales on a massive scale.

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Aspiring authors and busy professionals who place a premium on quality, service, and results trust our services. Our team of ghostwriters includes bestselling authors and former publishers who approach each book with the highest level of care and attention.

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Our ghostwriting services’ brilliance is unparalleled to anyone. Our creative ghostwriters are very proficient in handling numerous writing styles and genres at the same time effortlessly. Our clients are always satisfied with our services because we go an extra mile for them.

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Marketing on Social Media Platforms

Marketing your book on social media is a crucial step in gaining recognition and spreading awareness. With over 90% of internet traffic attributed to social media, it is the best platform to boost sales and readership. By effectively promoting your book on various social media platforms, you can attract a larger audience and achieve greater success as an author.

Marketing Consultation

Our team of marketing consultants organizes in-depth and interactive sessions with our clients to provide guidance on effective plans and strategies to enhance their market standing. We work towards establishing an elevated reputation and recognition for our clients on a massive scale, helping them achieve their goals.

Amazon Kindle

Reading on a Kindle is just as effortless as reading a physical book, with e-books on Kindle providing an immersive reading experience that closely mimics that of a hardcover or paperback.

Apple Books

Preparing a digital version of your book can provide it with immense exposure. This digital version can be accessed on iPads and iPhones, providing readers with a convenient way to appreciate your work. By offering a digital version of your book, you can expand your readership and increase its accessibility, ultimately leading to greater success.

Barnes and Noble Nook Edition

Publishing your book on Barnes and Noble’s Nook platform can greatly expand your readership and customer base. With its widespread popularity as an e-book reading platform, Nook provides a prominent avenue to showcase your digital version book, thereby elevating your reputation and exposure.

A Glimpse Into Our Ghostwriting Projects

At American Ghostwriting, we strive to ensure that our customers have an exceptional experience. With a focus on books, we have successfully published a wide range of pieces for our clients, including journals, cookbooks, memoirs, and expertly crafted fiction. Our goal is to create content that will stand the test of time.

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